There are many different charting packages available to you on the internet, but soon tradingview2
you will discover only a very small handful that will meet your needs. I think I’ve used most legit charting packages on the web but none never really performed to my expectations.  A couple years ago I stumbled upon TradingView while doing some research and I immediately created an
account. What drew me to the site was the charting, of course – the clean, sharp interface was refreshing to me. After a closer look I realized that TradingView was legit. It provides every indicator you could possibly ever need. If you are a serious technical analyst, you’ll love what TradingView has to offer.

Have you ever needed to quickly grab a chart with your phone or tablet? How did your current charting package work? For me, mine didn’t.  My old platform did not integrate with mobile platforms so it failed when I needed it the most. Now that I have switched to TradingView, I am now able to view my charts, indicators, and setups anytime I am away from my desk.

Are you good at picking stocks? My favorite TradingView feature is its ability to publish your chart and analysis to the web. What’s unique is that your chart and analysis will come alive! When you return to the chart you published three weeks prior, the published chart will populate with candles that printed after the chart creation date… highlighting the stock’s actual performance since publishing. This can be very humbling sometime. 🙂

Give it a try! Go to TradingView and publish your best picks (with an analysis, of course).

– Eric (TopFlight Trades)







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